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A Quick History

In 1976 Yokels Tom and Geoff were playing the cabaret clubs circuit when they were seen by record producer Joe Stead. He asked them if they would like to make a record, and asked if they had any songs.

Yokel Paget's total instrumental musical talent consisted of his one string bass, which was tied to the top of a broom handle at one end and attached to a tea chest at the other. He never did know the difference between a crotchet and a cow pat, but he did have some talent in lyric writing based on his own life experiences.

Yokel Tom who played guitar, approached local musician Keith Burge who eventually managed to decipher Yokel Paget's scrawl, and added some music to it.
The Yokels recorded 11 songs and the 'YER WE BE' album was born.
The album was released later that year.

25 years later some of the songs were re-recorded (it was a good excuse for a 25th anniversary booze up if nothing else). The C.D. was called 'The Yokels Have Landed'. This was recorded at The Moosic Workshop Studio in Devizes, Wiltshire.

Keith Burge had been writing Yokel's music since 1976. After finally removing his head from the bucket of straight out the animal fresh steaming manure at his initiation ceremony, he was christened Yokel Keef and made the official third Yokel at the 25th anniversary booze up.


Moosic Workshop Recording Studio