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The Yokels have been known to sip a good brew or two.
They do love most of all a drop of Wadworths, home brewed in Devizes, Wiltshire.

Yokel Keef do like a drop of cider too, 'ee do go to The Brewery Inn in Seend where they do keep the pub very traditional, and he used to go to the Tipsy Toad in Bulkington where they used to provide quite a good nosh, but he doesn't like the place anymore. Yokel Keef has now completed a Yokels song for Wadworths.

Yokel Tom is often found at 'The Queen's Head' in Devizes, particularly on skittles night.

Yokel Paget goes to (and is usually carried from) 'The Oliver Cromwell' in Bromham, and just about every other pub in a 5 miles radius as well.

Yokel Paget has been asked to make a contribution to this web site, as he knows a lot of old Wiltshire stories. He even used to share a jug or two with Adge Cutler, so he goes back a long way.
However, he still doesn't really trust anything with electricity in it, so we'll have to wait a while for his contribution. And by the time Yokel Tom gets around to doing anything in a hurry, the Cows not only would have come home, they would have gone out and in so many times, that they would have all been too dizzy to stand up, let alone do any line-dancing.

Granny Paget however is looking forward to sharing her cooking secrets with everyone. So at least we can look forward to some good old fashioned Wiltshire cooking recipes on this site.
I wouldn't start planning your barbecue of Granny Paget's recipes just yet though.
Bear in mind that being closely related to a well known Yokel family, she shares the motto of :
"if thee can do summit today,
then always leave it 'till tomorrow,
'cause it'll give ee more time today,
to do what you should 'ave dun yesterday".


Wadworths Beer
Tipsy Toad pub