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The Yokels are a long established music and comedy act from Wiltshire. Their nationally released album 'Yer We Be' (1976), became the fastest selling record of all time in Bromham village post office and shop, even outselling (for a while) Granny Paget's home made Wiltshire Pasties. In the late 70s, the Yokel's hectic rock and roll life style and touring schedule, often took them as far afield as the Somerset border, but they always made a point of returning home each year for the Bromham Country Carnival where they regularly judged (in between visits to the beer tent, and turning the bikes around a few times) the traditional competitions. These always included the Bung the Dung competition, the Biggest Cow Pat contest, and of course the Cess Pit Swim where everyone could join in. In 2001 The Yokels came out of hibernation and produced a mini album, 3 singles, and several more off-spring. In November 2002 with support from BBC Radio Wiltshire, the last recording included a guest appearance from Reg Presley of The Troggs who was the writer of chart topping songs such as 'Wild Thing' and 'Love Is All Around Me'. The Yokels with Reg, were seen on television programmes such as BBC Points West and South Today. They were also featured on Radio 2s Johnnie Walker Show, and as guests on Graham Seaman's Afternoon Show. Profits from the Yokel's/Reg Presley C.D. - 'Marry Me' (more than 2000 pounds at the last count), was passed to the Children In Need appeal. Many Yokel's fans have wondered why it is that The Yokels had not already created a web site to show off themselves and their wares. We replied to both of them, saying that one reason for this can be most easily explained by the fact that Yokel Paget for example, has only just discovered how to get I.T.V. on his television. He also still complains about having to go decimal. He has been quoted as saying "they do say that all them new fangled contraptions do save us time, but it do take a few years out of yer life to learn 'ow to work the buggers dun it." The Yokels once again slipped into a state of hibernation during the winter of 2003 i.e. the public bar of their local pub, and are rarely seen in daylight outside of opening hours. Their last public performance was at the Heddington Steam Rally in Wiltshire in the summer of 2002. (Yokel Keef 26/03/03).

The Yokels are:

1/ Yokel Geoff Paget (Yokel's Wiltshire dialect department / Beer tasting department / Bring back them big 'thrupn'y bits campaign).

2/ Yokel Tom Mills (Yokel's mouth and media department / Wiltshire life 'ow it used to be consultant).

3/Yokel Keef Burge (Yokel's moosic department / bilingual - can speak proper as well as Wiltshire)


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